Our Business

Our success begins with the right talent

Founded in 2000, CF Canada Financial has since grown into a leading financial services organization that sets the benchmark for excellence, know-how and customer satisfaction. With offices across Canada, we are one of the nation’s largest life insurance and investment solution distribution networks that create opportunities for Canadian families.

Our reputation has made us a partner of choice for customers and financial advisors, who are looking to become a part of a nation-level organization. CF offers world class training, business development and marketing support. Anyone can become a part of our ever-expanding team.  We seek to achieve excellence by collaborating with seasoned experts who share our vision and commitment to transparency, efficiency and making financial freedom more attainable.

Our strategy puts us at the forefront in today’s marketplace

CF’s success is a combination of a strong team of financial advisors, a portfolio of outstanding insurance and investment products, continuing innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction.

As a fully integrated financial and investment services company our focus lies primarily on building opportunities and delivering a full range of financial solutions across multiple industries. Our history has helped us develop a unique approach to assessing, analysing and taking advantage of present-day economic situations in the best financial interest of our clients.