Student Insurance

We specialize in affordable international student health insurance plans for students studying in USA or abroad. Call today to receive a quote, compare plan benefits, review coverage, apply and buy an international student medical insurance plan from CF Canada Financial.

Our network of top rated international student insurance plans from several Canada-based providers guarantees good quality coverage for foreign students so you can meet or exceed university or college requirements. We will provide you with all information and resources needed to make educated decisions about health care and health insurance.

Choose from coverage plans of up to $1,000,000 per injury or sickness guaranteed. All full-time students are eligible and can benefit from medical expense, injury or sickness coverage in the event of medical or surgical treatment; ambulance expenses; emergency out-of-province benefit; prescription drug reimbursement; repatriation benefit; return home benefit;

Our clients can expect:

» Competitive rates and superior coverage

» Premium payment options on a number of programs

» Flexible product administration options

» Products that are easy to bind and renew

» Flexible broker compensation arrangements

» Fair and responsible claims adjudication practices

» Exceptional customer service and support

We are committed to building strong relations with all our clients by providing innovative products and service expertise. Our plans are not only comprehensive, but they are affordable and specially designed to provide health insurance for international students.