Welcome to the first steps of your retirement planning

Retirement seems so far away. Especially when you’re young and healthy, at the height of your earning capability… But doesn’t it make more sense to start planning about those years early on, so you’re prepared for everything life throws your way?
Putting your savings to work for your is the smartest investment you can make now. It is also the surest way to guarantee you will be provided for at your most vulnerable, towards the end of your life. As you move closer to that time, take time to evaluate the factors that could impact your retirement income. Consider:

Your retirement income sources, such as personal savings and investments, company retirement plans and government benefits.Living expenses and arrangements and how much of your retirement income will go towards those.

Your investment portfolio and a possible shift towards to lower-risk options to slowly and safely grow your money.Beneficiary information and estate plan that is current and correct.

As you move closer to your retirement date, there are different things you are advised to do to ensure you have made the most of current financial options and are well prepared for the next chapter in your life. As you become aware of the estimate of the guaranteed income you’ll receive from the government and your employers, you can proceed with planning your living expenses and lifestyle needs. This will give you a clear idea of what your financial goals are as you sit down and review your investment portfolio with your advisor.

At CF Canada Financial we can help you lock down eligibility and amount of retirement income from all sources, review your current estate plan and work with you to put the final touches on your retirement plan. We will assist you in updating your beneficiary information; guide you in applying for government benefits and retirement income from your workplace plans.

Get the peace of mind and full comfort in knowing you are in safe hands and will have the retirement you have rightfully earned.