As vice president of wealth management, Paul is responsible for all of CF Canada Financial’s wealth management activities including investment solutions, tax strategies, product management and advisor education.

Before Paul’s arrival at CF Canada Financial in 2007, the company did not have a wealth management venture. With Paul’s leadership, marketing expertise and extensive knowledge of investment product strategies, the company built its wealth management business from the ground up, diversifying its business portfolio while generating significant benefits for advisors and clients alike. Paul also developed specialized programs enabling the implementation of tax saving strategies for individuals and business owners.

Leveraging 27 years of experience in the Canadian financial services industry, Paul’s focus is on coaching and training financial advisors and individual investors on a wide variety of investment products and wealth management services. Paul’s primary method of engaging and educating advisors and CF Canada Financial clients, is through holding large scale investment seminars in major cities across Canada, where he is often the keynote speaker.

Prior to joining CF Canada Financial, Paul held financial advisor roles in leading Canadian institutions. In every role he’s occupied, his vision and innovative approach to business development and wealth management has resulted in top-line revenue growth and strong endorsements from advisors and clients. As an investment funds wholesaler, Paul traveled across Canada to major cities and organized large public presentations. This helped Paul develop excellent presentation and improvisation skills which he still employs on a daily basis.

Paul has strong technical knowledge of guaranteed investment funds, mutual funds and alternative investment funds. A passionate public speaker, Paul has excellent sales presentation skills with a strong ability to simplify complex investment products and strategies to promote understanding amongst all audiences.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys spending time with his family outdoors.