Operating Model 


Establishing ourselves

through network expansion


Paving the way for

responsible growth


Delivering long-term

financial value

Our operating model drives our business forward and helps create opportunities for Canadian families and communities.

Our unique Advisor Centric Model ensures we remain competitive and up-to-date with all current products and services on the market through continuous training and development. We focus on our assets individually and as an organization, so everyone can benefit from the collective accumulation of best practices, resources and strategic partnerships on a national level.  This is intended to secure a more extensive domestic footprint that drives growth, brings benefit­s of scale, provides synergies and enables better product placement.

To ensure we move forward as an organization all of our advisors are assigned a dedicated specialist to follow up on all cases, contracting and licensing, commission and compensation as well as other personal services to enable them to achieve their full potential.  We have developed an ABSS system to assist advisors in their education and business development. Our industry-specific LLQP Training targets potential recruits that are interested in the entrepreneurial opportunities of joining CF Canada Financial. It provides the foundation of life insurance and wealth management services to give them a working understanding of the industry and business model.

To make sense of all available resources, we focus on granting our advisors access to online tools, a state-of-the-art platform and current resources that give them an edge in today’s market. This is done to generate measurable results for all of our specialists as well as create tangible value for clients and partners.

We recognise that there will likely be an integration period for every advisor who’s chosen to join the growing network of CF Canada Financial, and we have made it our priority to provide on-gong guidance and management along the way, so we can advance as an organization. The individual success of our advisors makes up the building blocks of our corporate success as a positive disruptive force on the Canadian market.