Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility to all of our advisors is critical to our success.


As a company founded by professionals with a strong commitment to social responsibility, we continue to employ a corporate strategy to increase awareness and access to financial services for Canadian families for the empowerment of the communities in which we operate.

Financial Advisors

As a financial services organization, our strength is our people.

Our main asset lies in the collective ethics, experience and intellect of our human capital – a single, powerful force with a common objective to build Canada’s premier financial institution. It is our goal to build on the pool of talent we have acquired through our network of independent advisors and successful partnerships with leading financial firms to continue to attract talented individuals at every level.

We seek to empower families with a shared sense of obtaining access to a better financial education and premium products on the Canadian market as we grow and develop. We are also committed to providing on-going training our advisors and giving them opportunities for advancement.

Our Customers

Canadian families are the foundation of our business and we strive to earn their trust and respect through our actions individually and as a company.

We recognise that our clients are an integral part of the fabric of Canadian communities in the provinces they live in. This is why we have made it our priority to operate and establish personal relationships, connecting management and end-users, based on continuous demonstration of professionalism, unimpeachable ethics, problem-solving skills, technological innovation and a commitment to service. We remain focused on enhancing our customers’ life quality and expanding their choice options.

Our Partners

We maintain constructive relationships with the leading providers of investment and insurance products on the Canadian market as successful partnerships are clearly critical to our ability to execute our business model.

The financial services landscape is rapidly evolving and this affects the way people get access to the products and services they need. At CF Canada Financial we recognise the merits of the current debate on enhancing a positive dialogue and collaboration on a national-level and across multiple financial services platforms. It is our intention to participate proactively and constructively in these discussions with the goal of ensuring increased long-term financial system stability and education for Canadian families and communities.

Our Communities

We thrive on the success of the communities in which we operate.

CF Canada Financial’s strong ties to the communities in which we operate sets a positive example of corporate citizenship today. Some of the notable initiatives supported by our company during the course of the year are BC Children’s Hospital and Cancer Society.

Important facets of our strategy include the provision of innovative financial services to Canadian families, enabling them to manage personal finances effectively with transparent, affordable products and services and the professional realization of financial advisors on the Canadian market. As our business grows and best practice is disseminated across all of our financial partners, the corporate social responsibility objectives of promoting financial education and supporting entrepreneurship defines our community engagement strategy, in addition to maintaining our support of many programmes meaningful to our clients and our advisors.