Investment and Wealth Management

We establish comprehensive and effective creditor protection for clients and businesses across our network.

When you choose CF Canada Financial’s products you are guaranteed exceptional Creditor Protection in the event of difficult times or unforeseen events. Through strategic partnerships with Canada’s leading insurance providers, we address clients’ immediate need for financial protection and help small business owners plan for the future. Our advisors are here to offer guidance and support. Our aim is to deliver a fast and simple insurance experience with the minimum of effort on your part so you have full peace of mind that your personal assets are protected even in the event of financial of legal difficulties.

Through our approach of Absolute Return Strategies we are able to make the most of the market without letting its volatility affect client investments. Diversification and careful due diligence allows us to develop multi-asset strategies, targeting a performance target of +5% annually. The success track record of our team extends over 10 years of offering this unique service to our clients.

To further expand on the top approaches, which form the foundation of our investment vision, we have developed a unique product tailored to the specifics of the current economic climate.

Segregated Funds / Guaranteed Investment Funds

All markets are volatile. And all offer lucrative earning opportunities. With CF Canada Financial’s Segregated Funds product you can tap into their unlimited potential without any of the inherent risks. Through careful diversification of portfolio across a variety of assets, bonds and stocks, you are guaranteed full capital protection while enjoying a consistent return. Available through selected advisors, we have teamed up with the best providers in the business to make this option available to our clients.

One of the biggest advantages of Segregates Funds is the Estate Benefit they offer. This makes looking after for your loved ones even in the event of death or injury easier than ever. Now, CF Canada Financial clients are given the possibility of smooth estate investment proceeds to beneficiaries without any of the inherent legal costs, administrative difficulties or timely processing. Naming beneficiaries becomes quick and convenient, within the structure of the Segregated Fund, so in the event of an accident or death, they can inherit all proceedings privately and without incurring any of the associated legal, probate and estate fees.