Health Insurance

At CF Canada Financial we know you want only the best for you and your family. You want to protect your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate accident or, even worse, death. By making an informed choice about your health insurance, you can help avoid some high potential costs during difficult times.
This is why we developed Health Assist LINK – a product that offers guaranteed coverage if you apply within 60 days of leaving a group insurance plan. Applicants are eligible if they sign up before the age of 79 and they instantly benefit from comprehensive coverage at all times, anywhere they go. There are 4 pre-designed plans to choose from with varying levels of health and dental coverage.

The CF Canada Financial Health Assist LINK product has a number of benefits, including:
No waiting period
• Travel coverage without age restrictions
• Set rates based on age and residence
• Preferential couple and family plans (individual + 1 dependent)
• And many more

Contact one of our financial advisors today and experience health coverage that will transform your life. Our supplemental health and dental plans provide families with the protection they need by offering concrete savings and added value.
Anyone can benefit from Health Assist Link – self-employed professionals, small business owners (for as well as employees), or contract, part-time, seasonal, or temporary workers as well as their immediate family and dependents. This is a comprehensive and reliable coverage plan that fills the gap in health and dental care to provide people with the protection they need and deserve.