The Employee Benefits Division is consists of experienced employee benefits specialists and service personnel dedicated to helping your firm get the most of every dollar directed to this type of compensation. We assist businesses in implementing innovative compensation plans for their employees, utilizing cutting edge cost management strategies and proven tax effective structures for effective benefit and compensation deliverable.

The Need

In today’s competitive employment climate, businesses are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain the best human capital. This is the single most valuable resource that drives companies forward and ensures their success in the long run.

The Solution

Successful businesses understand the value of an Employee Benefits Specialist in assisting with the application of solutions to the areas of recruiting, retaining and retiring high quality employees. Employee Benefits are an effective way of compensating your most valuable workers as they add value to their situation without increasing tax positions.

Operating Model

Employee health and dental benefits can be broken down into two major pricing models. Pooled benefits, and Experience Rated benefits. Pooled benefits are characterized by all premium being deposited into a general fund from which claims are paid for many different employers plans. These benefits usually consist of Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life Insurance, Long Term Disability*. Experience Rated benefits are, however, financed on behalf of the employer by the insurer. The insurer determines a target of claims vs. premiums on an annual basis.  This target is the percentage of every dollar submitted by way of premium into the plan that the employer may use for claims during the year. The remaining percentage pays for the administrative service of adjudicating claims, profits to the insurer and commissions paid.  This percentage is known as the “Target Loss Ratio”.

Our Focus

We aim to assist business owners in the recruitment, retention, and retiring of high quality employees through the use of tax efficient compensation to deliver the most value to workers and business owners alike. Our competence allows us to provide the best benefit plans and tax efficient strategies for benefit delivery through extended health and dental plans and pension type benefits.

Your Next Step

Get in touch today and schedule a meeting with one of our advisors to discuss the ways in which we can help your business.  We have a strong history of helping many companies utilize the full potential of their resources and deliver measurable results at competitive price plans.